Milk + Seed is a medicinal postpartum food delivery service and self-care movement for birthing mothers in Southern California.

portrait by Sam Stenson @she.is.water

portrait by Sam Stenson @she.is.water

Our mission is to mother the mother.

We are passionate about connecting modern women with the wisdoms of the past by embodying the energy of the great grandmother with her traditional recipes, broths, soups and lactation remedies – sprinkled with a little super fancy.

Our specialty is modernized medicinal comfort foods: raw chocolate bonbons decorated with edible flowers, paleo Birth Day Cake frosted with chocolate reishi gheenache, saffron infused custard and pink rose water protein shakes.

Having a baby is beautiful event – we want it to feel that way!

we are a zero waste kitchen

Life on Earth is an experience steeped with wonder, beauty and awe, and we want it to feel that way – not just for us, but for all beings, today and tomorrow. Because of that, we never package our deliverables in any kind of plastic, and always reuse and responsibly recycle anything that comes into our kitchen. We shop locally and support responsible community agriculture, fairly traded and ethically sourced ingredients.

photo by Sam Stenson @she.is.water

photo by Sam Stenson @she.is.water

Milk of the mother, seed of the father. It’s how we all got here.
— sophie, founder

about the founder

Sophie Ward Koren is a former model, self-published author, initiated shamanic practitioner and Certified Health Coach (IINHC). She is committed to connecting mothers with Mother Earth through healing comfort foods, sustainable life practices and meaningful motherhood ceremonies, especially those informed by her study of Andean cosmology.

She lives in the Ojai valley with her family and gratefully spends each day in the kitchen listening to Oprah, playing with fire, being with women and nourishing dozens of families.

To read more of Sophie’s story and her passion for postpartum wellness, visit Journal.