How soon after the birth can we get our order?

We shop on Monday and cook Monday through Friday. If you have your baby on a Friday, the soonest you could pick up your order is the following Monday evening. Pick ups are available in the evenings between 5-8pm, Monday – Friday depending on order size. Deliveries are made as soon as your order is complete.

does this menu supply a week’s worth of food for my family?

It depends how you eat and how you order. The offerings are designed specifically for the mother’s well being postpartum, intended to generously supplement normal food choices whilst boosting nutrition, and making it easier to prepare meals alongside caring for a newborn. We do not intend to replace your family’s everyday comfort foods, nor rewire the way you have been eating through your pregnancy, simply to assist in the joy of well being and postpartum recovery as you integrate the arrival of your newest family member. That being said, if you do order the entire menu, you could certainly be very well fed for a full 7-10 days eating only these foods!  

Can we talk or meet before my birth?  

Yes please! Ideally we meet in person no later than 2 weeks before your due date to discuss how your pregnancy journey has been, including cravings, aversions, any nutritional deficiencies or conditions we should know about. This meeting also provides time for you and your partner to answer any questions you may have.


Of course! The more women in the world feeding other women, the better. More info on current offerings for apprenticeship and training can be found under Learn.


How long do the meals/milks last?

Soups and broths in jars last approximately 4-5 days fresh after opened. Some folks choose to freeze those you don’t want immediately, defrosting when needed to extend longevity. Meals in trays can be frozen as is, or eaten within 2-3 days. Milks will last 4-6 days in the refrigerator, with the golden milk lasting the longest (up to 10 days.) Frozen items will last up to 3 months in the freezer. Just make sure to leave some room in the top of the glass bottle for expansion – otherwise the glass will shatter.

what kind of packaging does my food come in?

All foods are packaged in glass mason jars, aluminum and cardboard boxes or glass bottles, nestled with brown paper in a cardboard box. The packaging for the raw ingredients is sourced completely plastic free when possible. We shop in bulk, at farmers markets and with our local CSA to reduce the carbon footprint and plastic packaging associated with major food retail chains. It is our commitment that as you nourish yourself with these postpartum foods, you are also nourishing the rare earth that you and your family now share.

can i keep the jars + Bottles?

Yes! The glass jars and milk bottles are yours to keep. However if you’d rather return them, you may do so for a refund of $1 per jar. We are happy to reuse them for other families.



Upon receiving your order, a 50% deposit is due via check, cash, Venmo or PayPal. If paying with a credit card via Paypal there is a small fee added to cover costs. The remaining balance is due by your estimated due date.