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Learn how to make medicinal comfort foods for the most tender times of life.

medicinal kitchen: an online apprenticeship


If you’re here, you are an alchemist. Perhaps you are a birth worker, a hungry mother with a young child, or simply someone who loves to cook and is searching for their calling in life. I designed this course with you in mind. To support those looking to support others, to inspire other women to start businesses, to remind us how to feed ourselves, and how to feed each other.

you have a hunger

Whether you are pregnant, newly postpartum, a soon-to-be-grandmother, a seasoned grandmother, a father, a sister or a friend, learning about medicinal postpartum foods (which are really comfort foods) alters and shapes our cooking for years to come – not to mention our sense of well being, and our ability to show up powerfully for those that we love. Utilizing modern ‘super foods’ as well as traditional staples from our global ancestry, medicinal comfort food is the perfect antidote to a modern lifestyle.


I see a deep hunger for meaningful service in the world. We want to know that our lives have purpose, and that our time and energy will be received with gratitude, creating harmony and health for all. Today in America and elsewhere, postpartum mothers need more support than any other time in their life. The reason is that the woman has just brought life into the world. And she is responsible for keeping that life safe, happy and thriving well into the teenage years. She is responsible for raising the next generation of humans. This is a huge task, and one that requires more care than we currently offer.

Meanwhile, in cultures all around the world it is traditional to pamper the mother after birth, to allow her to rest, to feed her nourishing broths, stews, soups and milks and replenish her vital life force. Mothers are massaged, oiled, steamed, warmed, lightly roasted and gently poached back to wellness. Traditional cultures know that when we take care of the mother, we take care of the entire community. In the west, we have forgotten these time worn traditions and thrown the baby (in this case, the mother) out with the bathwater.

now is your time

This is where you come in. Mothers need us more than ever – the care takers, the lovers, the gentle healing hands, the weavers and the wisdom keepers. You are needed both by Mother Earth and the mothers of tomorrow’s children. I am passionate about making sure that these world leaders are taken care of, and for me to do that really well, I need YOU. Your love, your hands, your heart and your thirst to take care of the ones who are taking care of so much, day in, and day out. I want to teach you to do what I am doing and for you to feed mothers all around the world, where my hands cannot reach.

Weaving the past with the future

The Medicinal Kitchen Online Apprenticeship will inspire and instruct you in the ways of postpartum medicinal foods and traditional care practices from around the world. You will receive recipes, rituals and tips for self care, nourishment and self soothing to weave into your daily life and offerings immediately. Learn how to take back postpartum and to take care of the mothers in your life who you love. When mothers feel supported, nourished and loved they are unstoppable. And when women are well, the world is well.


when women are well, the world is well

Step in to support them today.

Photo by Sam Stenson


Here’s what you will learn:

  • How to cook for the first 40 days of postpartum utilizing generations of wisdom and a variety of traditions from global cultures

  • How to weave this wisdom into your own approach to postpartum in the modern western world

  • The medicinal benefits of fancy foods like adaptogens + galactagogues

  • The medicinal benefits of every day foods you may already have in your pantry – secret superfoods!

  • Why postpartum care is so important

  • Why cooking + eating for the planet is so important

  • How to be an activist from your own home 

  • Simple rituals of self care to weave into your daily life


Here’s what you will receive:

  • 50 page printable booklet of recipes + rituals 

  • 6 online classes via Zoom with Sophie

  • A community of like minded women doing the same work as you

  • Unlimited access to Sophie (founder of Milk + Seed) via email or phone

  • Recordings of the lessons for later viewing

  • VIP access + 10% off any future classes offered by Milk + Seed

  • Special gifts and more…

and here’s a look at our weeks together:

Week One :: The Big Picture: Why We Do What We Do + Why It Is Important to Continue.

Week Two :: Postpartum Principles: Warmth, Bowls, Mugs + The First 40 Days.

Week Three :: The Good, The Bad, and the Galactagogues: Plant Fats, Butter + Milk Making Medicines.

Week Four :: Adaptogens + Secret Superfoods: Everyday Heroines + Everyday Activism.

Week Five :: Super Fancy Super Foods: The Special Luxuries, Self Care Rituals + Self Worth.

Week Six :: Global Practices of Postpartum + How to Create Modern Rituals for Millennial Women: Alchemizing the Traditions of Tomorrow with the Needs of Today.  

* Each week includes a playful homework activity to bring medicine into your life and deepen this work in your world. 

Photo by    Sam Stenson

Photo by Sam Stenson

 If you’re here, it’s because you value:

o   Your inner + outer glow

o   Women’s health

o   Our beloved planet

o   High-vibing your life

o   Mothers, babies + birth

o   All things tender + feminine

o   Mental and emotional wellbeing

o   Being an everyday activist for good

o   Slowing down and leveling up

o   Fun medicinal food that tastes good!

Who Is teaching me?

A little about me. First of all, I AM the same quantum life force that flows through you. We are one and the same. But my story goes like this.

  • I grew up in Australia on the rugged west coast by the Indian Ocean.

  • Deeply intuitive and spirited from a young age, I grew into a gangly duckling, was scouted by a modeling agent, became an international model, and developed anorexia.

  • For the next few years I would spend a lot of time figuring out how to heal myself of this mental, physical and cultural infliction of self-harm.

  • A passionate but introverted creative I threw myself into writing and wrote acres of words while living in New York. I self published my first book, The Beginning of an Inexplicable Journey in 2011.

  • Then I met my soul mate in a Sleepless in Seattle stroke of destiny, we moved out of the city, had a baby and my life was turned upside down again.

  • Becoming a mother brought me back to my practices of self-care. I had to re-learn how to nourish myself as well as this new being I was responsible for. My life was getting up leveled.

  • I studied with the Institute for Integrative Nutrition (IIN) for a year and became a health coach when my son was a year old.

  • I was then called to study shamanism in Ojai and became an initiated full mesa carrier in the Q’eros tradition, a deeply reverent culture of mother earth respect and ‘ayni’ – the principle of reciprocity.

  • I felt myself to be a pampa mesayok – a day keeper, the ones who take care of the daily world here on earth: midwives, doulas, herbalists, medicine people.

  • Soon I realized that postpartum food delivery had been knocking on my door for years. Milk + Seed was born the same year I published my second book, Heart of Bold. I began cooking for postpartum women almost immediately, as well as offering Mother Blessing ceremonies for women during pregnancy.

  • The business continues to grow!

I am so grateful for the sense of purpose, love, and service that this work provides me, and the many others who receive its fruits. It is my joy and honor to share the knowledge I’ve gathered from my healing foods journey, as well as the techniques and practices for self-care I’ve learned along the way. Doing this work allows me to serve mothers, my community, and mother earth at the same time, and I think that’s pretty amazing.

how will this help me?

The Medicinal Kitchen Online Apprenticeship offers those hungering for traditional wisdom with a toolkit of nurturing recipes, rituals and resources, each carefully designed to support modern women as they embark upon the life changing journey of mothering themselves and their children. It is designed to inspire birth workers and seekers to start offering this work in the world, wherever you are and with whatever you have at your fingertips. For mothers, this apprenticeship will provide you with the tools and foundational wisdom with which to nourish yourself for years to come. We feed you, you feed the future!

why now?

Women are in their postpartum chapter for a brief flash. Make sure to fill your cup, or learn how to fill others’, so that the mothers of our world can continue giving long into their elder years. Invest in your well being, so you can invest in tomorrow.

join us!

Seats are limited and classes occur only three times per year. Reserve your place today and begin your journey now!

Medicinal Kitchen Online Apprenticeship

Learn how (and why) to cook for postpartum – for yourself, your loved ones or clients! Launch a business of your own, or gain wisdom to apply to your own postpartum window. Join us for the upcoming apprenticeship and tap into your inner alchemist.

Dates are October 16, 23, 30, Nov 6, 13, 20 from 10am-11am PDT via Zoom. Recordings are made available no later than 24 hours after class for all participants.

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Sophie is a guiding light in the maternal paradigm that is nourishing new mothers. Her knowledge and compassion for passing on the key principles of postpartum healing, and teaching ways to implement these practices into community is why this apprenticeship was so appealing to me. As a postpartum doula, I have renewed my commitment to servicing families during the 4th trimester, while bringing medicinal food to the forefront.
— Rebecca
I am greatly inspired after participating in Sophie’s postpartum kitchen course! Her dedication to her dharma as a support and nourisher for mothers and beyond is apparent in her passion filled classes embodying a wide range of wisdom. As a long time healing foods chef myself, I felt my own fire reignite inside at the importance of this work. It is true, cooking is ritual and our American culture has much to learn about taking care of all mothers who birth life into this world. I appreciate Sophie being a pioneer in this realm and know I am richer for taking her course. Thank you Sophie!
I want to thank Sophie for the opportunity to take part in this program. As a new mother myself, I have come to understand how critical postpartum is. It’s a vulnerable time with much-needed restoration for the family, especially the mother. Taking part in the apprenticeship program has allowed me to expand my knowledge of the power of healing foods. She covered postpartum nutrition and the value of self-care through energy and intention as a key component for all-around healing. I appreciated the nutrition content as well as the reminder to implement it in our daily lives as a way to stay in touch with the work. I’m looking forward to applying all that I have learned and continue the work in my community.
— Arlen
This is not a conventional class. Everything from the way it’s presented, to the knowledge shared and the heart being poured into is uniquely beautiful. It was not what I expected, it was so much more colorful and vibrant and full of ancient wisdom. Sophie is weaving it all together into a wonderfully sparkling tapestry, combining old traditions with modern needs. At the end you feel how your cup has been filled as much as your recipe repertoire. It was a blessing to take part in it!
— Astrid
The Medicinal Kitchen course has become a turning point for me. After struggling for years with depletion and exhaustion following the births of my daughters, and knowing intuitively that it was partially caused by the lack of rest and nourishment that I (and the majority of other women in the US) experienced postpartum, I am so grateful that I came across Sophie’s work and was able to learn from her. The wisdom and passion Sophie shares in this course helped me move forward in my own healing and helped illuminate a clearer picture of how I can use my story and the knowledge I have gained about postpartum nutrition and care into something that will serve the women in my community.
— Megan
Sophie’s class gave me hope for women being supported and held as they are born into motherhood. This class was so much more than a class on amazing food, although it was that too, but on the deep importance of mothering the mother and on nourishing women from the inside out so that they can be empowered while they raise this planet’s future. This is a beautiful class and I am now addicted to ghee.
— Krista