When a woman chooses to step onto the path of motherhood for the first, second or sixth time, a remarkable transition begins, weaving one chapter of life to the next. During this time it is important to create intentional ceremonies to honor this powerful shift: rituals that honor and support a woman's physical, emotional and spiritual growth alongside her growing child.


when we honor the mother, we honor all that is.

Photo by Amber Lee @plantascompass


A mother blessing is a ceremonial day of ritual designed to honor, nurture and shower the mother-to-be (or be again) with loving care before her baby arrives. Surrounded by her closest female friends and family members, she enjoys a sumptuous day of pampering and care, including a floral foot bath, cornmeal foot scrub and flower crown. She is acknowledged by each of her guests with their words of support, affirmation, wisdom and prayer. The group completes the day with a cord binding ritual, candle gift, nourishing feast and relaxation.


A Mother Blessing intentionally weaves a web of loving care around the pregnant woman, imbuing her with an energy that will carry her forward into her postpartum days. The mother blessing is distinct from a baby shower in that the focus is solely on the mother. The ceremony is held with pure intention: to honor the sanctity of life in motion. We all come from mother. We all return to mother earth. When we honor the mother, we honor everything that is.

*The ritual is inspired by the traditional Dine Navajo ‘Blessing Way’ which was utilized for the purpose of honoring many different transitions in First Nation culture, including motherhood. In respect of this cultural traditional, we do not call this ceremony a Blessing Way, but a Mother Blessing.



A uniquely bespoke ceremony performed at your home or the location of your choice includes all materials, invitation design, production, communications with guests, set up and breakdown. Feast foods are ordered separately.





Celebratory food and drink mark all fine gatherings of intention. Together we will design a menu for your ceremony including nourishing treats from our medicinal menu – bonbons, cakes, elixirs, medicinal milks, and more.

This celebration and ceremony was intended to bless & nourish me on my journey from maiden to mother but it did something far greater than that. This day, surrounded by these women and babies, reached a hand through time to grace the lives of not only myself but of all the women in my lineage who did not have the opportunity to be honored on their journeys. It reached a hand through time to bless the life of my child, to plant seeds of support for this new way we are calling in together. This day was a threshold. As I passed through, I left behind the story of needing to care for my needs alone. Thank you does not begin to touch the depth of gratitude I feel, but since it is all we have, I’ll let it hold space for what is unfolding within me.
I had never experienced a Mother Blessing until I asked Sophie to host one for me, and it was the best choice I could have made to celebrate this pregnancy. Sophie created an environment that was open and supportive and ushered all of us through a beautiful, heart-felt, connecting, and ultimately nurturing ceremony. It was a gift I am so grateful for!


  • 11:30am: Celebrant arrives

  • 12:00pm: Space set up + decorations

  • 1:00pm: food and drink are prepared

  • 2PM: welcome guests

  • 3PM ceremony




  • flower crown creation

  • rainbow mineral milk + flower foot soak

  • poetry, song or prayers recited

  • cord binding ceremony

  • candle gifting

  • optional: indigo onesie dye bath (+$75)

  • optional: affirmation stone art (+$25)

  • optional: guest book/ photo wall (+25)


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