After a woman gives birth, she is in a tender time of recovery. Labor and pregnancy have drawn upon every ounce of her body’s reserves and she is tired, depleted and vulnerable. We are all very excited that baby is here, but mom needs some special attention!

Our postpartum menu has been carefully designed with Ayurvedic and Traditional Chinese Medicine principles in mind, as well as a little sprinkling of grandmotherly comfort and sisterly celebration. We want to give mothers (and babies) the best start to their motherhood journey.

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we feed you, you feed the future.

Medicinal food for mom, delivered to the door.



Everything we make is intended to support the recovery, healing and happiness of the postpartum mother. We offer one to five week vegetarian and omnivorous options for local pick up or delivery. You choose your menu, tell us your due date, and then when baby is on the way, we head to the kitchen!

Our menu items are rooted in the combined wisdom of Ayurveda, Traditional Chinese Medicine, GAPS (Gut and Psychology Syndrome) paleo and plant-based theories of food. The food can often be enjoyed by the whole family, is 95% organic, refined sugar and flour free. Everything is prepared in a commercial California kitchen by trained herbalists, health coaches and energy healers – good vibes are our secret ingredient (shh!)

The menu also takes care of Mother Earth, we promise that our offerings will always be zero waste, organic and reciprocal. We believe that what we give to mothers is of the utmost importance, and Mother Earth is not excluded from this mission. We support community agriculture as well as fairly traded, responsibly grown produce. Your deliverables will never come in any plastic. We compost all food scraps and recycle incoming plastic packaging at participating retailers. We also reuse your glass containers, passing on a $1 refund to our customers.



Postpartum depression and anxiety affects 600,000 women annually, but is estimated to be closer to one million. Why is this happening? One theory is that we are more isolated and more depleted than ever before.

Globalization has inspired many of us to embark upon new futures in new lands, far from our mothers and grandmothers. The reality is that we don’t live in a village with our blood relatives any more. And if we do, we don’t lean on them like we could. In traditional cultures these relatives would have shown up to feed us soup and bring a mug of milk to our bedside post-baby, fold some laundry or watch the kids while we napped. Sounds wonderful, doesn’t it!

The truth is that being a mom these days is one of the hardest jobs around. Many of us feel more digitally connected than ever, yet more physically isolated. We experience a gnawing pressure telling us that we must do it alone, mainly because our cultures tells mothers to “bounce back” – back to work, back to working out, back to doing it all instead of being slow, calm and present. But how can we be (do) anything well when we are running on empty?

Milk + Seed was created to bridge this gap, to embody the energy of the mother and the grandmother, and bring you a cup (or a few quarts) of soup, stew, custard, or medicinal milks on a regular basis. We know that without this helpful nourishment, it becomes all too easy to slide into despair and overwhelm.

It is mother nature to want to take care of your family, but we often forget that our bodies and souls are part of our family as well. Self care is historically one of the least prioritized tasks for mothers. And yet, mothers are doing the most important work in history. Learn how to give back to yourself. Our future depends on it.

If you already experience anxiety, depressive tendencies, overwhelm, mood swings, joint pain, digestive issues, rashes or skin conditions in your daily life pre-birth, we encourage you to explore postpartum food delivery, and if possible, to plan for an adequate intake of personally tailored nourishment for both your prenatal and postpartum passage. Please talk to your physician or nutritionist to find out whether postpartum food delivery would be a good option for you.

please Visit LEARN if you would like to learn how to feed yourself during postpartum, or if you feel called to nourish others.


our menu

It is mother nature to want to take care of your family, but we often forget that our bodies and souls are part of our family as well. Self care is historically one of the least prioritized tasks for mothers. And yet, mothers are doing the most important work in history. Learn how to give back to yourself. Our future depends on it.
— Sophie, our Founder
Both for myself and my family healthy and conscious eating is important but can be hard to find time to really achieve. With the birth of our third baby I am so comforted to know that Milk & Seed can help provide me the nourishment I need while allowing me to savor the time to connect with my family. And of course the food is delicious.
— shannon
Scheduling meal delivery while pregnant with my second child was such a gift. I’m the type of person who tries to take care of everything herself but having a toddler in the mix this time around, I knew I’d need help- and knowing that healing wholesome food would be available for the whole family without effort was a huge relief. We ordered a “birth-day” cake and had the sweetest celebration upon our daughter’s arrival; it marked the experience as so festive and cozy. The other meals we actually spaced out between family coming to visit and wound up freezing an item or two as well, making the support stretch that much longer. I’m ever grateful for Sophie’s creative, delicious and nourishing gifts!
— RAchel
Knowing all of our postpartum food was taken care of when we were expecting our first child was the greatest ‘birthing gift’ our parents could have offered us. Sophie knows exactly what foods are needed to heal the mind, body and soul of a tender new family. The food is so well balanced for maximum healing and nutrition that we couldn’t stop ourselves from choosing everything on the menu! A no brainer for any new parent.
— Carlotta
Miracle-heaven-lifesaver-lifeline, haha. Words are inadequate how grateful I am.
— amanda
At a time when you can really use some help, Sophie’s delicious food is there to nourish you so that you may heal. Also, saving precious time to allow you to spend it with your new little bundle. It’s very reassuring to know that Sophie has covered your nutritional needs for postpartum health and recovery. Her menu is scrumptious , fun and made with love and care. Treat yourself!! I would definitely recommend it.
— donna

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