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Choosing to become a mother is a profound step. Choosing to take care of yourself is an even greater one.



We provide home delivery of nourishing bespoke meals and medicinal elixirs for new mothers and their families designed for one of the most wonderful, and challenging, times of their life – the first forty days and beyond.



A mother blessing is a ceremonial day of ritual designed to honor, nurture and bless the mother-to-be with loving care before her baby arrives. Surrounded by her closest female friends and family, she enjoys a full day of pampering.


WORKSHOPS + apprenticeship

Learn how – and why – to cook for postpartum, how to take care of yourself and others during this tender time, as well as global traditions of postpartum and the ways we may weave them into our modern daily life.


We feed you, you feed the future.

the BOXEs

Let’s celebrate you.


Knowing all of our postpartum food was taken care of when we were expecting our first child was the greatest ‘birthing gift’ our parents could have offered us. Sophie knows exactly what foods are needed to heal the mind, body and soul of a tender new family. The food is so well balanced for maximum healing and nutrition that we couldn’t stop ourselves from choosing everything on the menu! A no brainer for any new parent.
— Carlotta
At a time when you can really use some help, Sophie’s delicious food is there to nourish you so that you may heal. Also, saving precious time to allow you to spend it with your new little bundle. It’s very reassuring to know that Sophie has covered your nutritional needs for postpartum health and recovery. Her menu is scrumptious , fun and made with love and care. Treat yourself !! I would definitely recommend it.
— donna
Both for myself and my family healthy and conscious eating is important but can be hard to find time to really achieve. With the birth of our third baby I am so comforted to know that Milk & Seed can help provide me the nourishment I need while allowing me to savor the time to connect with my family. And of course the food is delicious.
— Shannon
Miracle-heaven-lifesaver-lifeline. Words are inadequate to express how grateful I am.
— Amanda